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I knew from a very young age that writing would always play an important part of my life. The earliest memory I have when I knew that I wanted to be a writer was sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to find a little note book because I had such an urge to write a random story I had in my mind. 

My full name is actually Kerriann Michelle Burns and while I was born in Huntingdon, I grew up in the Bedfordshire county on March 15th 1994. Like I said, writing was always important to me and I knew it was something I always wanted to do, yet in all honesty in my younger years at school I was never the best speller and I was painfully shy- being asked to read out to the class was my worst nightmare come true! (I mean I physically couldn't talk in a crowed room!) Yet as I got older there were a select few of my literacy teachers that noticed that I had a particular spark for writing, especially with free creative writing or with the faintest theme that our stories had to link to. It was inspirational teachers like them that took an interest in my work and made me feel like I potentially had any talent to actually take my writing further.

After countless note books all filled with random stories I'd written in my teens, on Christmas Eve 2018 I finally had my dreams come true when I held my first ever self published book in my hands: Bitter Wars- The Fallen Flame.

Some people may ask what motivates me to write other than just knowing it's something I've always wanted to do, one of my biggest influences is my second biggest passion: video games. A lot of my stories have been inspired by either a single or a multitude of different games or films I've encountered over the years. My entire idea of Bitter Wars came from just a single moment in a video game and I was hooked the minute I started writing and my imagination took over- that's when I knew that this story was going to be more than just another WIP (work in progress) just to be shelved and never looked at again.

To this day I'm still passionate about writing as it's a hobby I do out of love, I'm currently working on different projects from a variety of different genres from fantasy to horror all which I hope one day, just like my first book I'll be able to hold in my hands. 

That feeling alone is enough to know that I have accomplished one of my biggest goals in life, I write because I love to, it's something that I enjoy doing, and while my stories may not be the next best selling books of all time, to know that it's something that I've made, something that I'm proud to call my own, that's more than enough to make me happy. 

And I look forward to the day to see my bookshelves filled with books that have my name on the cover.

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