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Bright Eyes of Innocence


Monsters and demons roam this world
All wearing the mask of mankind
But when such creatures blend so well with the humans they live amongst, who then defines the monsters…
from man?

Aldric had lived on this world for centuries, his name made legendary across the continent as The Great Aldric, leader of the most reviled group of vampires named the Blood Order. He, like so many other beings hidden away in plain sight from humans were known as creatures called the Occultus, beings of magic, fantasy, wonder and blood lust.

Once the fiercest vampire ever known throughout history, now turned saviour, a doctor for those he fed upon to live a secretive life of peace and quiet alongside his family. But the winds of change come with three quiet knocks upon his door.

A bargain

One that would change his life forever, a bargain that could very well hold the fate of humanity— in the hands of a child.
A child of a Fallen Angel and a human.

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