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The Fallen Flame

Born into the world of nobility, the young Adonia Hardgrave lived a life that many dreamed of; a beautiful castle, servants awaiting her every request, riches beyond measure, and a nations' hero- the King's finest knight commander Greymire as her future husband. All of this was hers...Until her world came crashing down as a horrific tragedy befell her home and family. Only Adonia and her future husband were the sole survivors, and it is here that she must muster the courage and discover who attacked her family and why, she must learn to defend herself- becoming one of Greymire's finest soldiers. But it is not just a human enemy she faces for Adonia soon discovers that her family has been cursed by evil since her greatest ancestor- King Alexander Hardgrave himself. She is the only chance the Kingdom of Alexander, if not the world has at survival before the darkness rises once more...

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