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KINDLE Bitter Wars - Rise - 5 Oct 2021.jpg


With the events at the Griffiths Castle, the fear of the Mother and Bitter war became nothing more than a distant memory. The kingdom of Alexander had become nothing more than a husk of its former self, brought down to its knees by war, famine, poverty and the rule of a tyrannical king. But that's when a new obstacle joins the fight to save Alexander, the army made from a simple band of rebels: The Army of Ashes. Together the army joins forces with the heroes to not only save Alexander from destruction but the entire world as they know it as the Tainted armies rise up once more to collect their debt. No mortal has ever come close to ending a Bitter War victorious, but with her friends, followers and hope at her side, Adonia Hardgrave takes up the sword one final time to finally end the curse that has plagued her family since the first king of Alexander.

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